Beautiful Sham.

The words

you spoke


my senses,

they were

let in

through crevices

in the heart,

left by

blows of old


And this

event,confused me;

marring my

rationality and

impairing my

cynical vision.

Voices residing

in the head

since a long time,

detested the

effects you

were having

on me.

But I had

been caught

off guard,

and I let your


calm my demons.

You said

‘make me yours’

and I was

astonished to

see how

I had already

become yours.

It is such

a sham;

new lover,

love and all that;

but a beautiful

one certainly.



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Behind closed door,

I rotate inside

the room

with four

mossy walls.

Climbing them,

with my visions

of past.

Window kept


for distractions

to stop.

Crumbling stucco,

fall on

the cold wet


I still would

not open

the door.

Because I once

opened it,

and the whole

world crashed.

I shall

just play

by rules,

and never keep

the door ajar.

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Beautiful Death.

The last time

I met you,

I inhaled you

like cigarette smoke,

so that

each cell

of mine is

diffused with

your presence;

So that long

after you are


I would


with that

long drag

I took

of yours.

I knew it

would cause me

more harm

than good,

but I took

the risk

after all.

And I live

to see,

your cancer,

spreading through

my veins;

my inevitable


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Forlorn Figures.

In a tall building

of this metropolitan

I have made a

safe harbour

for my

desolate spirit.

The spirit

which hangs


little threads

of futile variables

of existence.

Hoping for a redux,

I sometimes,

sit down

on the ledge

of my window;

staring down

at the many

concrete faces

walking on

concrete paths.

In those moments

of complete melancholy

I find an unfamiliar


radiating familiarity

sitting on,

a bench in the park,

and all I can

think is

how alone

we all are.


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Liquid Courage.

On the

lovely lit porch,

you stand tall;

amidst million

faces,that I

cannot recognise;

only yours.

The sight of

you still


my heart

into carnal carnival,

with love of course.

The night would

end,and I would

not be able to

smell you,

because you

are far way

amidst million faces,

that I cannot recognise.

Maybe I need

some liquid courage,

to propel my

limbs to make

my way to you.

But then,

I have been on

that road before;

and I have seen

myself evaporate,

with the courage

by your scornful look.

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Ace of hearts

in the deck of cards,

might win you

the game,

but lurking


with black


even the king;

would be treacherous.

So drop the


change suit,

be a spade,

and let

the game


I would not

call spade a spade;

don’t worry;

I shall

just take

my one of hearts,

and shuffle,

the deck with

lost hope.

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A void so loud,

it keeps

me up

at nights;

of absolute silence.

Nothing fills

it up,

I try really


to embrace it.

And it leaves

me no choice,

but only

to drift

slowly in

the nothingness,

of the void,

which screams,

and I just stay quiet.

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You did

some great


to me last


I wish

I was a

little more


But I

blame the


for seducing me,

to abyss.

Next time,

get here,


the bottle


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I never saw those

cyan eyes again,

which painted

my heart in

hues of red;


and had it

raise the white flag.

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In the few

moments of

substance induced


all chaos

seems necessary,

for,without it

no particle

will collide

and so


shall remain


We need to

screw ourselves,

and others

to sustain this chaos;

we are good

at it too.

So lets

not get mad;

let the chaos

enter our


and crash

into each other.

That is all

there is to life,

you screw me,

I screw you.

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