Carnal Love.

Look at me

like you

would have

looked at

falling meteor



Feel my touch

like you

would have

felt the shake

of earthquake

of double-figure

magnitude on

the richter scale.


Hear the words

that come

out of my mouth

like you would

have heard a

roaring blast

of a nuclear explosion.


Because I shall

be your natural


shaking you

in places,

you never knew

you had.


Devouring you

like a

mammoth tidal


each and every

place on

your tepid body.


Close in on me,

and take me,

for we shall

create craters

in the concrete.


Such will be

the force

of the

current beneath

us,that love

of eternal kind

shall be put

to shame.


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In your realm,

I exist

and perish.

Your love

burns me,

and I glow

like ember.

Withering away,

with the wind

which smells

like you,

like liquorice.

My pores are

opening up

with each

dose of your love.

I shall be exposed

fully in

no time.

Your love

burns me


and red.


ember shall

turn into ash.

Black ash,

and that is all

that would

be left of me.


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Hammer Of Life.

The hammer of life,

strikes each one of us,

differently and yet


Each stroke,

oozes the vitality,

with gore fashion,

and irony is created.

With passing years,

months and days,

it treacherously

strikes leaving

behind big blows,

which  are left

for us to nurse,

alone, all alone.

Youth is created

out of life,and

yet it is marred

by life.

Hammer of life,



and kills.

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How we fear


the inevitable.

Yet we are

killing ourselves,

each day,

steadily and


Or we are

killing others,

rapidly and


What leads us

to death,

is living this


But what

we are doing,

is dying till



whatever remains

of us,

only to,

secure ourselves.

But in turn,

we are just

making it

easy for


Because when

it comes


or timely,

we shall

be already

dead inside.

Maybe we

are doing

this to have

the last laugh.

But dead

people do not


Death is


but how we

lead to it

is inexplicable.

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Plaster Of Paris.

We seem to fall apart like,
plaster of paris
on the wretched
ceiling of this
dated building.
Something is
core of us.
Day by day,
it is happening.
No one can do
anything about it.
It is like a rodent
biting away the
the walls with all
its might.
We are destined
to fall
with a great noise,
and it shall be
The plaster
shall give
way to
and me.
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With a cold heart,

I stand in a shady

corner of the universe.



Rain falls from


and replenishes

everything around.

I just turn damp

and cold.

Only life infused

in me is your love.

It covers me in all


over and over again.

I am entirely entrapped,

within the holds of

your love.

Your love lives,

and I remain

cold and damp.

Your love is like

moss growing on me.


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Side-View Mirrors.

I don’t trust

people who

nick or bump the

side-view mirrors

of my car.

They are

the people

I feel,

who don’t

care about


They perceive

the mirrors

to be not

a significant part

of the car.

It seems to

me, that they

would therefore,

surely overlook,

the most

significant part

of humans too.

They would

judge,me or you,

by how we

look at all times,

but care not,

about how we

feel at all times.

I don’t trust

people who,

dont care

about the

side-view mirrors

of my car.

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Late night calls to

in person meetings.

Brief lunches to,

long strolls on sidewalk.

Professing love to,

imagining future.

Being insecure to,

seeking reassurances.

Some meeting leading to

the first ever kiss.

And then,

unfinished kisses to,

hurled abuses.

Broken promises to,

infinite lies.

Leaving one day to,

forever leave.

Entropy is

the nature of universe,

and you,

and me,

and us.

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Controlled Chaos.

I turn the faucet

and let the warm

water,fill up

the ceramic vessel.

You told me

to draw a bath

with fragrant foam

and frothy bubbles.

I was opposed to

it,as clear had

always been my thing.

Clear water,which

shall let me see

all your curves

so very clearly.

But still you


I acceded.

There was very

less I could do

when you

entered without

your bathrobe.

The steam from

the hot water,

glistened on

your face.

And then,there

was no stopping,

everything glistened,

from thereon.

You asked me,

to sit across

looking at you

directly and

also directed me

not to make

any sudden movements.

I liked how you

controlled our bath.

It was when the

water was up-till

the brim,and

foam was all I could

see,other than your

face,you motioned,

your finger,

asking me to

come towards


You kissed me,

I kissed you.

And we were

all wet.

I liked how,

you controlled our kiss.

A little more time,

I thought, nothing

would be controllable.

But still with you,

I was sure, that

it would be a,

controlled chaos.

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There are times,

when I can’t seem

to write about

anything at all.

Not that I

am at dearth

of words.

Words are aplenty,

bouncing off on the

sheet of paper

which is fed

in this vintage typewriter,

which has lived

gracefully and

is naturally falling apart.

The thing is

that some days

or even nights,

do not inspire

me greatly,

to pick up a subject

and write.

The thing is,

that sometimes,

even Zevon

playing in

the background

does not stir

up anything in me.

The thing is,

that even the

prettiest faces

around me

fail to rouse

any excitement

in my innards.

Reading does not

help either,

the poetry seems


the prose become

repetitive and banal.

In days and nights

like these,

I feel suffocated,

the words,

if not fed onto

the yellow paper,

will become

the death of me.

They shall take

over my mind,

prancing in

all directions.

So for this,

reason, I try

and put some

whiskey in me,

and let the

words drown

in the sea of



I love them

so much,

and yet they

can kill me.

Well, what is

this, if not


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