The Writings On The Wall.

I tried to make
a home out
of you,
with what
little was left
with me;
in me.

I tried to make
you inhabitable
by painting my
words on your
walls;in your
favourite colours.

I tried to protect
you from snowstorms
and cyclones with
such success,
that I felt invincible
with you;
in you.

And one day,
I came home,
I came to you,
and found
the heart has been
with the writings
on the wall.

I should have
known better,
than to try and
make anything
out of you;
let alone my home.

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Cold Hands.

Winter evenings,
foggy world,
how would
you even
I am looking
for you.
Cold hands
warm heart
might just
find you
wherever you are.

And if I do
find something
as rare as you,
(Blame it
on serendipity.)
I’ll make sure;
I tear out that
bitter wretched heart,
out of your chest
to make you
return to me.
Cold hands do
come in handy.


This again is in collaboration with Ananya ( Her words are in bold and she is super.


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Big Bang.

Early sun rays;
an aubade
is befitting,
but I seem
to have
lost my mind
among astral
and beings.
The ones that
sparkle in
the nights
and are evanescent.
I am drifting
like the universe,
rapidly without
any rationale.
And now I fear,
that I shall
be lured into
massive lights
of quasars;
ending up
eaten by
yet another
black hole.

Though this one
pulls me
towards it
like nothing or
no one has ever
Like I’m
being loved
so dearly
that this lover
would kill me
to have me.
My muscles
are tearing
My bones
will powder
I wonder if
this powder
will form
yet another
cluster of stars
for someone else
to get lost in,
sucked in.

This is in collaboration with Ananya ( Her words are in bold,and they are beautiful.

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Hurried Adventures.

Rushed voices

scare me;

I like


So why

do you need to


Pour your


softly in


Take time,

to tell


how you

need to go.


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Hoping love is a circle,

I stand at the origin,


for you to travel the path,

so that we can become

whole again.

Lighting dark

nights with

cinders of letters,


for you to write

sweet nothings once

more;that light

up my heart.

I wait;

to dive

into the ocean

of yours,

coming out


was my

favorite passion.

And now,

I shall try

and collude

with the

centre of

the circle,

to shift

and make me

reach the point

where you

got left.

I just hope,

that it is

a circle;

I would not

know how to deal

with any

other figure.




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Bermuda Triangle.

I willingly

ventured into

an expanse

of a dangerous


marked by

your presence.

And I knew


that skies

are going to

be turbulent,

but I couldn’t

reason with


and then

all I wanted,

was to


in your


little did

I know that

I was going

to crash into

a million

little pieces.

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Some days have passed

since that night

wherein the boisterous

sounds were muted

for very few seconds

when your hair

were on my face;

which meant that

your lips had to

be close to mine.

The wind was



were warm;

and eyes were

voluntarily shut


It lasted;

we lasted like that

for very

small time,

but the minutiae

of those seconds

are keeping

me up now.

And now

I keep hitting replay

over and over;

the loop ends,

and I hit

replay again.

This is what

I have for now.

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We have to sleep sometime,
maybe tonight
or the next morning;
even the afternoon that follows.

But we will eventually sleep,
and then all the beautiful
things present around us;
they shall scatter like
rain drops on the roof
of this house where we lay
in deep slumber.

You and I
we know;
we have got to
sleep, because
we don’t have much
to do after we
have devoured each
other’s skin
like wild foxes.

The sleep
shall bring
us closer,
when nothing
else can.

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Beautiful Sham.

The words

you spoke


my senses,

they were

let in

through crevices

in the heart,

left by

blows of old


And this

event,confused me;

marring my

rationality and

impairing my

cynical vision.

Voices residing

in the head

since a long time,

detested the

effects you

were having

on me.

But I had

been caught

off guard,

and I let your


calm my demons.

You said

‘make me yours’

and I was

astonished to

see how

I had already

become yours.

It is such

a sham;

new lover,

love and all that;

but a beautiful

one certainly.



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Behind closed door,

I rotate inside

the room

with four

mossy walls.

Climbing them,

with my visions

of past.

Window kept


for distractions

to stop.

Crumbling stucco,

fall on

the cold wet


I still would

not open

the door.

Because I once

opened it,

and the whole

world crashed.

I shall

just play

by rules,

and never keep

the door ajar.

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